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Now accepting film submissions for the 2019 Telluride Horror Show!
Horror · Thriller · Suspense · Fantasy · Sci-Fi · Genre Comedy · Genre Documentary

The Telluride Horror Show is thrilled to announce an exciting and unique partnership with Vertigo Entertainment: In addition to being considered for this year’s festival, short films submitted to the Telluride Horror Show will also be eligible for review by Vertigo Entertainment.  Vertigo Entertainment is a film and television production company that has produced features spanning a broad spectrum of budgets and genres, from genre films such as THE RING and THE GRUDGE, to the Oscar Winning THE DEPARTED. The company’s most recent work includes Stephen King's IT, the hit animated features THE LEGO MOVIE, LEGO BATMAN, NINJAGO, and the forthcoming THE LEGO MOVIE 2. Current titles in production and post production feature NIMONA, an animated feature for 20th Century Fox Animation, THE TURNING for Amblin, IT 2 for New Line, HIS HOUSE for New Regency, and DR. SLEEP for Warner Bros.

Since its inception in 2010, the Telluride Horror Show has established a strong reputation for programming the best genre shorts on the film festival circuit. The festival scours the world to find the “best of the best,” and every year the numerous shorts blocks at the festival play to sold-out, enthusiastic crowds. From Ted Wilson, Telluride Horror Show festival director: “The talent and creativity we see in genre shorts is worth celebrating as much as any feature film. From the start of our festival, we’ve set the bar high to deliver the best short films we can get our hands on. A few years ago, Vertigo Entertainment took notice and has requested to view many of the shorts that have played the Telluride Horror Show, as they search for new talent and new genre projects to develop into feature films. In 2019, we’ve decided to officially join forces with Vertigo, combining our efforts to discover the newest talent in genre filmmaking.”

“We’re very excited to collaborate with the Telluride Horror Show and discover exciting new voices in the genre space. The festival’s programming team has great taste and a keen eye for pinpointing really amazing filmmakers. We’ve had a lot of success working with first-time feature directors that we’ve discovered through some incredible short films, and we have no doubt this partnership will facilitate many more relationships to come,” Aengus McLoone, Creative Executive, Vertigo Entertainment.


Short films submitted to the Telluride Horror Show will automatically be eligible for review by the team at Vertigo Entertainment. While there is of course no guarantee that short filmmakers will land a development deal or be considered for one, Vertigo Entertainment and the Telluride Horror Show are eager to provide this opportunity for short films to truly serve as calling cards for genre filmmakers.

Short Film Submissions (New for 2019)


"Telluride Horror Show is one of the most exciting fests operating today. The scenery is unmatched and the passion of the programmers is obvious with the killer lineup each year. I'm totally honored to have been some small part of it for two years. I think people will be kicking themselves when the fest becomes this unstoppable giant and they didn't get in on it early. I'm mostly excited because it's a festival that offers so many experiences - it can be a nonstop party or a totally laid back weekend of movies in the mountains -  whatever kind of time a guest wants to have, you guys make happen. That's why I pledge allegiance to Telluride Horror Show." - Mickey Keating, Director (Psychopaths, Darling, Carnage Park)

"I had a fantastic time! The films were great, the location was fabulous, and the people were the best." - Stephen Chiodo, Director, (Killer Klowns from Outer Space)

"Those are people who know what they're doing running a film festival." - Phil Tippett

"Great audience and goddamn, Telluride is a slice of heaven!  What an amazing place!"
- Greg McLean, Director (Jungle, The Belko Experiment, Wolf Creek)

"Telluride Horror Show is by far my favorite film festival. The scenery is awe-inspiring, the crowds are bursting with energy and the films are handpicked by some of the most genuine fans of the genre. I couldn't recommend it enough!" - Damien Leone, Director (Terrifier, All Hallows' Eve)

"Telluride Horror Show was fantastic to my film and a wonderful place to have our world premiere. Great staff, full crowds, and a beautiful town. Couldn't ask for a better experience." - Michael Peer, Director (Doll), Telluride Horror Show Short Film Selection

"We honestly had the time of our lives. We got good feedback all throughout the weekend from various festival goers on the short as well, which was awesome and humbling. The community feel of the whole weekend was unmatched. " - Jim Valosik, Director (Mongers), Telluride Horror Show Short Film Selection

"Telluride Horror Show is known for its tremendous shorts programming, and the fans certainly come out for it."
Meredith Borders, Birth.Movies.Death

"This festival was amazing. Telluride is gorgeous and the people are extremely friendly. The festival director Ted is a really genuine guy. Everyone is grounded, down to earth, and humble. ...I had a fantastic time. Definitely in my top festivals and would love to attend again." - Nikhil Bhagat, Director (As They Continue To Fall), Telluride Horror Show Short Film Selection

"Whether I have a film playing next year or not I'll be back because seriously, there is no cooler town to spend the weekend watching some fun movies with good people! Not the easiest place to get to which goes to show you how fantastic of a show they put on because I met horror fans that came from all over. Every screening I attended was packed and with some of the best audiences I've encountered. Don't miss this one!" - Anthony Cousins, Director (When Susurrus Stirs), Telluride Horror Show Short Film Selection

“The festival was very well organized, and the response from the audiences at the screenings was a wonderful experience. Telluride itself was absolutely beautiful, and the organizers treated us extremely well. We can't wait until next year's festival.” -Tom Holland, Director (Fright Night, Child's Play)

"A full roasted pig, with the fat-saturated eyeballs up for grabs in the lobby of a gorgeous old opera house teeming with horror filmmakers and fans is how the Telluride Horror Show kicks off every year. And we couldn't have asked for a better festival to premiere our film "The Battery" in. Ted, the festival director and his team bend over backwards to accommodate traveling filmmakers; and the audience is a lively mix of horror and film fans, critics, writers, and rabble-rousing locals. The town is absurdly intimate in a way that makes for near constant run-ins with attendees looking to jaw about movies over a beer or a great cup of coffee between screenings all day. And all of this is to say nothing of the view: a majestic frontier town just begging for a Leone-style showdown nestled in the palm of the most classic, craggy, snow-capped mountains one could imagine. Waking up there every morning is a true privilege, with every window in every building looking out on an Ansel Adams shot brought to striking life. If there weren't enough reasons for a filmmaker to finally finish that movie they've been talking about and send it kicking and screaming out into the world, then Telluride Horror is one more. Just writing about it now is enough to make me long for October again, and has me hoping I've got another film ready in time to enjoy the reception all over again." -Jeremy Gardner, Director (The Battery), 2012 Telluride Horror Show World Premiere

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